The Indian Bow Tie Company

The Indian Bow Tie Company Bow nahi to kuch nahi


Start Date Duration Remuneration Posted On Application Deadline
16 Aug, 2016 15 Days Voucher
Rs. 500.00
16 Aug, 2016 30 Aug, 2016

About Campaign :

When was the last time you wore a bow tie? Don't remember? No surprises there! Now here's a cool fact - Historically bow-ties were worn by Croatian soldiers who then passed on the fad to the French back in the 1880s! Yes, that's where the bow-tie originated from; it's a piece of history you carry with you every time you wear one :) 

Reviving this historical accessory and giving it a cool edge - the Indian Bow-Tie Company presents a range of bow-ties that are anything but boring! 

So why should you wear one? 
Well because Winston Churchill wore it or Jim Rogers wears it or Karl Lagerfeld does - not at all! You should wear it just because you don't need a reason to wear one :) It's proven that wearing a bow-tie gives you an immediate edge - erect posture, stretched shoulders and that little extra dynamism, reflecting the real personality of the gentleman that you are! And what's more - people (we mean women) take you seriously ;) 

So what is the India Bow Tie Company all about?
Based in Jodhpur, IBTC started off as Ankit Saboo's own love and appreciation for the much-ignored accessory. Call him a bow-tie connoisseur of sorts. Some collected during his many travels and others designed and produced by he himself. And like they say what better than turning your passion into a profession! 

What's special?

First, each IBTC product is hand-made. 

Second, there may be only one way to wear a bow tie but we at Indian Bow Tie Company ensure each time you wear it, it looks different; yes, from floral prints to checks to introducing for the first time ever, wooden bow-ties! 

Third, we customize! Just send us your fabric, colour and style preference - Voila! Your very own bow-tie will be ready in 2 weeks and delivered at your doorstep!

Time you adorn this much attention grabbing accessory and step out in style... Kyunki 'Bow Nahi To Kuch Nahi !'


Campaign Requirements:

1. The blogger must have over 2000 recorded page views until date.

2. Your experiences after trying their products will have to be posted on your blog and/or social media handles within 36 hours.

3. You will be pampered with a bowtie from The Indian Bow Tie Company to write the post – however, the choice of products will be at their discretion.

4. Applicable and necessary back links to their Website should be provided on the post – minimum one back-link per post.

5. Include complete user experience of receiving the package and of course, the quality of the product.

6. Upload pictures of the packages received in support of your user experience.



Rule Of the Campaign :

1. The post content should be of refined quality. Plagiarism is strictly condemned.

2. A minimum of two shares across your social media handles will be necessary per product – tag ThinkQuisitive and The Indian Bow Tie Company and #indianbowtiecompany #bownahitokuchnahi  #TQThoughts

3. Please adhere to timelines.

4 Team ThinkQuisitive and The Indian Bow Tie Company will share the post on social media accounts and tag your accounts on the platforms.