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About Campaign :

Watches are articles of adornment, extensively worn by everyone. Wristwatches are an integral part of daily wear, fulfilling a necessity. Not long ago it used to be a luxury, affordable to only a few.

The advent of Ram's watches Gallery, at KOLKATA, INDIA, has been a game changer in the very concept of experiencing watches.

Ram's watches ticks ahead with its exotic, unique and elegant timepieces and other gifts items and continues to sway its pendulum to quench the appetite of our time savy mankind. .

Built for oceans, Velatura is the Watch Partner of the 49er Class

To provide reliable, desirable and precise timekeeping for those who sail is one of the greatest challenges in watch making. Thanks to our partnership with the International 49er Class, the fastest boat in the Olympic regatta, we have first-hand experience of the needs of some of the finest sailors in the world. As a result, every Velatura watch is built to withstand the demands of sailing at the highest level.

SEIKO believes that the wristwatch is an intimate accessory. The best watches live in harmony and interact with the wearer, and their functions offer a reassuring and emotionally satisfy bond.

Model No: SNP120P1


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