Mumble's Lab

Mumble's Lab Ln2 Ice cream


Start Date Duration Remuneration Posted On Application Deadline
29 Apr, 2016 30 days Voucher
Rs. 0.00
29 Apr, 2016 31 May, 2016

About Campaign :

Mumble’s Lab is Kolkata’s premier ice-cream parlor to be serving delicacies with a nitrogen twist. The lab is located in the heart of the city along Theater Road and is an indulgence for all those who indulge a sweet tooth. They offer select flavors to pamper the taste buds and the textures are altered based on personal preferences.

Mumble’s Lab is now on ThinkQuisitive, giving you a sneak slurp into the delicious nitrogen ice cream world. Apply for the campaign, get your complimentary treat and spread the word!


Campaign Requirements:


1. The blogger must have over 1000 recorded page views until date.

2. Your experiences after tasting their product will have to be posted on your blog and/or social media handles within 12 hours.

3. You will be pampered with a delicacy at Mumble’s Lab to write the post.

4. Applicable and necessary back links to their Facebook page should be provided on the post – minimum one back-link per post.

5. Include complete user experience in terms of the ambiance, taste of the product and service.

6. Upload pictures along with the post content to give a vivid description to your readers.



Rule Of the Campaign :

1. The post content should be of refined quality. Plagiarism is strictly condemned.

2. A minimum of two shares across your social media handles will be necessary – tag ThinkQuisitive and Mumble’s Lab and use #nitrogenicecream #icecream #dessert  #TQThoughts  #sweettwist

3. Please adhere to timelines.

4. Team ThinkQuisitive and Mumble’s Lab will share the post on social media accounts and tag your accounts on the platforms.